Are you hooked on Facebook? Read this article to learn

When you initially heard about Facebook it is likely you wondered just what the big deal was. Then after managing more peer pressure than you might have encountered when you were a teen, you ultimately decided to join.  Now you discover you can’t go over 2 hours without checking for updates.  Are that you simply Facebook addict?  Read the list below to determine.
You know you are enslaved by Facebook if: 
You look at the Facebook page before your first mug of coffee or even before heading to the bathroom each morning.
Stopping before you leave the house to inform everyone that you happen to be about to leave the house.
You are spending more time changing your status update than actually doing anything worth commenting on
You are varying your profile picture every time you change your clothes to help keep it recent.
You start employing Facebook as being a verb. As in “I’m planning to “Facebook” so and thus or I was “Facebooking” the other day. 
If you interrupt a real conversation that you might be having which has a person and inform them “you determine what, how bouts we I just “Facebook” you later…
Every time you’re taking a picture you wonder if it is going to be Facebook worthy.
You leave a celebration early because you simply can’t wait to acquire all of the pictures you just took up on the computer and tagged.
You plan your entire social activities on Facebook as an alternative to using the phone.
You get jealous of other bands plans and feel overlooked even though you don’t personally know them.
You are unsure whether you’re actually “in” a relationship before other person helps it be Facebook official in the Relationship Status section
You feel you will need therapy because someone you barely knew two decades ago won’t accept you being a friend 
You get mortally offended if no person responds on the clever quote it took you twenty minutes to come up with.
You wonder the method that you could have possibly wronged someone who is on the mutual friend’s page however, not on yours.  Such as “What did I ever do in order to them they don’t want to be my friend too?”
You purposely try to recruit people you do not even know to your “friends count”
You pretend that you are doing some really exciting things so others will quickly realize you interesting enough to want to become your friend too.
You embark on a “war of wills” not wanting to get the one to actually invite someone to be your friend and wondering just how long it will take for them to ask you.
You invite someone you can not stand to get your friend as you simply must understand what they are up to or because you simply cannot overlook anything.
You actually click the Wall To Wall on other peoples’ pages since you absolutely have to find out the entire conversation they were having.
You wish to throw something at the computer when you simply can’t find the initial question that has been asked that elicited an appealing response from someone.
You are looking forward to your birthday initially in years because you want to see what number of wall posts you will get that day. Which then contributes to….
Getting angry at people who didn’t wish you a Happy Birthday because “C’mon…it’s on Facebook!…There is no excuse for forgetting!”
Instead of looking forward to your vacation, you’re more concerned about what you happen to be going to miss on your pc while you happen to be gone. Which then contributes to….
Completely switching your cell phone plan and your cellphone because your current one doesn’t have access to Facebook.
You need to pretend you don’t know someone when meeting them initially, yet you understand their deepest, darkest secrets due to a mutual friends’ pages.
You only check your email to see if you have an update on Facebook.
You suddenly have 200 emails within your inbox plus they are all Facebook updates. Which then results in…
Spending a couple of hours going through each email ensuring that you didn’t miss anything if you checked your profile page. Which then brings about….
Feeling horrendously guilty that you simply didn’t immediately reply to a comment someone left to suit your needs 2 days ago. How could you possibly have missed it?
You get insane if the friend number drops and you also go crazy trying to figure out who deleted you.
If your Facebook wall looks like it is covered with graffiti since you have countless applications on it
Your usual bedtime is now two hours later than it has been in years.
As soon while you meet someone first thing you do is go back home and “Facebook” them.
Not having use of someone else’s profile can push you in the edge. Which then leads to:
Trying to come up with creative ways for you to create a new Facebook account and be their friend so that they will not know it can be you attempting to spy on them
You start losing huge chunks of your time and wonder where on Earth the afternoon went.
You discover youself to be making up lies by what you “did all day” to pay for all those lost hours.
Your house is getting messier as the weeks go by and you also have no clean laundry
You are some of the few people who uses the Facebook chat option
You can’t stop nagging other reasonable visitors to join Facebook. Like teenage peer pressure, it’s o.k. in your case to do it long as others are doing it as being well.
You call into work sick when you just came across all your old photos this will let you ton of scanning and tagging to complete.
You visit sites and articles that list the reasons why you are hooked on Facebook.


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